Scene Point Blank 9.3/10 “Haunting landscapes that could accompany the loftiest sci-fi and horror movies. This is music meant for listening in the dark with lush orchestration… …Beautiful, eerie, uncomfortable, and moving – all encompassing. “Pushing the boundaries into darkness. Tip-toeing around Invasion is pointless; it will find and dominate you. “

Echoes & Dust “…a haunting soundscape…favoring a clear course, succinct song structures and a binding narrative. It has incredible sonic breadth, especially at the low-end, and takes the listener on an atmospheric and eerie journey.” 5/5 “Invasion is an album that tells a story without any lyrics, leaving your imagination to run wild – the best kind of story. Josh Graham has tactfully mastered the art of emotional manipulation through music…”

Merchants of Air “…One of the most adventurous albums in the so-called ambient scene…IIVII, a name that will have a huge impact on the future of atmospheric music.


Reaping the approval of critics floored by Graham’s exploration of ominous synth soundscapes, Noisey likens the recording to a, “score for a trip into the great black beyond.” Soundframes commends an, “encompassing; trance inducing experience.” Nine Circles notes, “Very rarely can an artist do so much with so little in an effort to create an environment around its listener. Yet, with Colony… Josh Graham has truly created something memorable. It is ambient electronic droning that guides an audience around the far reaches of our known universe, inciting self-reflection and imagination. It takes patience, as the notes drag on as infinitely as our universe, but it is a perfect supplement to the curiosity behind our own existence that we all have, whether we are aware of it or not.” concurs, “The soundscapes come across moody and beautiful, embodying the desolation, isolation and wonder of space. Song titles reflect these themes such as ‘Shaping Itself From Dust,’ ‘Colliding Horizons’ and ‘On The Shores Of Markarian 335.’ These soundtracks to the exploration of the unknown caress the unfathomable depths of space and time through sound with a haunting, alien dread countering an unshakable sense of reverence.”


APRIL 29th 2017.
Basilica Hudson and Le Guess Who? present
in collaboration with Second Ward Foundation, Wave Farm / WGXC

A special release show in association with AISA / By Norse to showcase BardSpec and IIVII will take place on June 29th at Saint-Vitus Bar, New York! Tickets are now available HERE