TEDxBrussels 2018 | A Brave New World

Four IIVII Pieces will be featured during this TEDx Talk. Thanks to Elena Mara Reed for the invite.


 In a “Brave New World” Aldous Huxley predicted a world in which technology is used to control society, the state is all-powerful, social media control our lives, pornography and sex is commercialised to the point of being mainstream, babies come from test-tubes, machines are flying all around us, pharmaceuticals sedate children with everyone’s blessings and corruption is the norm. Where are we 75 years later? And which direction are we most likely to follow next? These are the questions that speakers will be confronted with in their field of competence during TEDxBrussels 2018. It will again be a mind-blowing experience”
Mother! The Downward Spiral

Excited to announce this project!  I was asked to score the behind the scenes documentary for Darren Aronofsky’s film, Mother! The documentary, Mother! The Downward Spiral was directed by Niko Tavernise, and  is included with the digital purchase of the full length film. 


2018 will bring an IIVII EP release that will explore some of the music in longer formats. more soon. 




The new track from IIVII ‘You Die’ is taken from the new album ‘Invasion’ out 23 June on Consouling Sounds. You can buy the new album by IIVII ‘Invasion’ here.

IIVII (pronounced ivy), the drone/ambient project created by former Neurosis collaborator and founding member of Red Sparowes, Battle Of Mice, and A Storm Of Light, Josh Graham, will release their sophomore album ‘Invasion’ on June 23rd via Consouling Sounds.

Captured entirely by Graham, the follow-up to 2015’s critically-lauded ‘Colony’ debut album revolves around an invasion perpetrated by a species of alien origin. The artwork was also completed by Graham, who currently works as Soundgarden’s art director and has also collaborated with a variety of bands including Mastodon, Neurosis, Jesu, Shrinebuilder, ISIS, and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Cvlt Nation

Huge thanks to CVLT NATION.

“Josh Graham is one of the most talented visual artists on the planet in my opinion, but not only that, he is also a very gifted musician. Under the name IIVII (pronounced “ivy”) he combines all of his magical powers to create music and visuals that are from another galaxy! His new LP is entitled Invasion, and will be coming out on June 23 via Consouling Sounds Records. Today we are SO STOKED to be premiering his new video for the song “Hidden Inside.” As I watch this visual, I think about my time living in London and being surrounded by video cameras while going about my day. We are constantly being watched, but live like no one is watching our every move. IIVII new video captures that and then some plus the music he created is spot on! You can pre-order Invasion Here!”

Brooklyn Vegan announces new album

Josh Graham, former visual artist for Neurosis and A Storm of Light leader, also has a solo project called IIVII (pronounced “ivy”). He’s releasing a new album, Invasion, on June 23 via Consouling Records (pre-order), and we’re premiering the lead single, “Painless.” Though he’s got a metal pedigree, IIVII has him diving into dark-ambient and film score territory, and “Painless” is as good an example of this as any. Check out a visual here.

IIVII will participate in the 24 Hour Drone show happening at Basilica Hudson on Saturday (4/29) with Lee Ranaldo, Brian Chase & Yonatan Gat, Hubble, Shilpa Ray, and many more (tickets).

IIVII also has a Brooklyn show on June 29 at Saint Vitus with Bardspec (members of Enslaved and Today is the Day) (tickets). Those are his only upcoming shows at the moment.

Read More: IIVII (A Storm of Light, ex-Neurosis) releasing ‘Invasion’ (stream “Painless”) | http://www.brooklynvegan.com/iivii-a-storm-of-light-ex-neurosis-releasing-invasion-stream-painless/?trackback=tsmclip

Merchants of Air / Dunk Festival / Review

Thanks to Merchants of Air!

“Once again, the stargazer stage would top that, this time by the absolute highlight of this day. Josh Graham, a.k.a. IIVII was about to embark on a cosmic mission, inviting everyone to go with him. And what a beautiful set is was too, both musically and visually. I’ve witnessed this trip once before, then with some technical issues but today, IIVII was perfect. Top-shelf ambient and a stunning experience…”


DUNK! Festival (Belgium) Review


The artwork of the solo-project from a Red Sparrowes band member alone, was enough for me to buy the album. Transcendental soundscapes featuring stunning imagery from outer space, this was hallucinating. I sat down in the Stargazer tent and after 10 minutes, I drifted away in a slumber with great soundscapes touching my ears. After a half hour, the set finished without a warning and the whole floor immediately awoke out of a deeply induced trance. A great diversion from the loud, up-tempo postrock on the main stage. This could go on for hours, but it had to end sometimes. A beautiful orchestra of ambient sci-fi for a movie that will never be.