Brooklyn Vegan announces new album

Josh Graham, former visual artist for Neurosis and A Storm of Light leader, also has a solo project called IIVII (pronounced “ivy”). He’s releasing a new album, Invasion, on June 23 via Consouling Records (pre-order), and we’re premiering the lead single, “Painless.” Though he’s got a metal pedigree, IIVII has him diving into dark-ambient and film score territory, and “Painless” is as good an example of this as any. Check out a visual here.

IIVII will participate in the 24 Hour Drone show happening at Basilica Hudson on Saturday (4/29) with Lee Ranaldo, Brian Chase & Yonatan Gat, Hubble, Shilpa Ray, and many more (tickets).

IIVII also has a Brooklyn show on June 29 at Saint Vitus with Bardspec (members of Enslaved and Today is the Day) (tickets). Those are his only upcoming shows at the moment.

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Merchants of Air / Dunk Festival / Review

Thanks to Merchants of Air!

“Once again, the stargazer stage would top that, this time by the absolute highlight of this day. Josh Graham, a.k.a. IIVII was about to embark on a cosmic mission, inviting everyone to go with him. And what a beautiful set is was too, both musically and visually. I’ve witnessed this trip once before, then with some technical issues but today, IIVII was perfect. Top-shelf ambient and a stunning experience…”

DUNK! Festival (Belgium) Review

The artwork of the solo-project from a Red Sparrowes band member alone, was enough for me to buy the album. Transcendental soundscapes featuring stunning imagery from outer space, this was hallucinating. I sat down in the Stargazer tent and after 10 minutes, I drifted away in a slumber with great soundscapes touching my ears. After a half hour, the set finished without a warning and the whole floor immediately awoke out of a deeply induced trance. A great diversion from the loud, up-tempo postrock on the main stage. This could go on for hours, but it had to end sometimes. A beautiful orchestra of ambient sci-fi for a movie that will never be.


Current traveling hobo set up includes.

6 channel mixer

Fostex 4 Track

Arturia Mini Brute

TC Helicon Voice Live 3 (loops and effects)

Mac masquerading as Hal 9000, running Ableton, Reason & Protools.

2 USB synths



IIVII, a project by Josh Graham, is premiering a new music video for the track “Black Galaxy” exclusively at mxdwn. Keep reading for details and a look at the video.

Graham is described on his official website as a creative director, musician and artist. He is involved in a number of projects aside from IIVII: he is one of the original members of Red Sparowes and of Battle Of Mice; he also plays in A Storm of Light. His other relations to the music industry involve formerly doing live visuals for acts like Neurosis and currently being the creative director for grunge and alt-rock staple Soundgarden. 

IIVII is being called Graham’s “intergalactic space project” because of the ambient style of the music, and the visuals in “Black Galaxy” match this theme. While you’re listening to droning noises and rhythmic beats overlaid, you also see an astronaut suspended in space. He appears to be going through a black hole or portal of some sort, and at times might be going warp speed. Though much of the video is dark, the use of color is striking, especially in terms of the shades of red that show up less than 90 seconds into the video. The last minute of the visual stands out both thematically and visually. One reason the audio and video seem to match up so well could be that both of them feel simultaneously fast and slow. Watch the full five-minute clip below to experience “Black Galaxy.”


IIVII will make a live appearance at this year’s edition of Incubate gala in Tilburg. Incubate is the annual celebration of cutting-edge culture. It is a festival exhibiting a diverse view on indie culture as a whole, including music, visual arts, film and contemporary dance, and a conference. It brings more than 200 artists in an intimate context to an international audience. Black metal next to free jazz. Refreshing art next to inspiring debate. Additional European dates prior to and following Incubate are currently in their plotting stages with US shows to follow.
9/20/2015 Incubate – Tilburg, NL
  IIVII’s debut album is set for a September 4th, 2015 release on Consouling Sounds. The album will be available digitally, on CD and on vinyl. Preorders are now available. Stay tuned for more IIVII transmissions in the coming weeks.
FACT Magazine – Full Album Stream

Josh Graham is currently best known for the metal band A Storm Of Light (who recently appeared in our list of the top 40 post-metal albums), but lately he’s explored a very different direction with his project IIVII (pronounced “Eve”) conjuring electronic soundscapes. Next week he will release the project’s debut album Colony, which we’re streaming in full.

It’s not unheard of for metal and ambience to mix, but rather than something like Burzum’s Filosofem, Graham feels closer to Fenriz’s Darkthrone-side project, Neptune Towers, by pushing off from metal’s earthy roots and into deep space. Colony is a record that embraces science fiction tones, often feeling like the soundtrack to some unfilmed epic through all its textured drift and bubbling synths. 

Stream Colony below and grab it September 4 via Consouling Sounds.



Josh Graham’s A Storm of Light project focused on the dirge and purge of doom, punk and more, following in the footsteps and expanding on the teachings of his alma mater, Neurosis. Now with his new project called IIVII, Graham delves deep into uncharted territory to explore dark synth soundscapes and ambient. The new track, perfectly named “Black Galaxy” and featuring an astronaut-like figure on the artwork, sounds like the score for a trip into the great black beyond. Check out the new track below for the first time and order yours via Consouling Sounds but gas up first, you aren’t coming home for a while.