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Grinding Teeth and Zero Sleep are individual albums that work together, exploring the grey areas between black and white, light and dark, life and death, good and evil, truth and fiction.
Grinding Teeth – the inspired soundtrack to the true-life love story of Duane and Debra Johnson.
Battling multiple health and mental illness issues, Debra Johnson asked her husband, Duane, to remove her from a medical facility so she could die at home. Over the next 5 days, they had an extended “death party;” smoking methamphetamine, listening to Quiet Riot and having sex. After Debra died in Duane’s arms, he wrapped her in linen and called the police. When they arrived on scene, Duane was standing naked near the front door, screaming that his wife was dead. The words “Death Parde God Hell” were spray-painted across the door.    
Touching on themes of love, death, drug use, sex and criminality, Grinding Teeth features guitars, drums, electric violin and cello, lap steel and electronic instrumentation.
The album cover for Grinding Teeth uses “crystal meth” arranged in the form of Lucifer’s sigil. This imagery plays off of Duane’s spray painted door and works as a contrast to Zero Sleep’s cross, while also referencing the surreal darkness of this story.
Zero Sleep – the adapted score from Thomas D. Rotenberg’s sci-fi short film, Don’t Forget to Remember.
After humanity loses its ability to sleep, mass displacement ensues. Unnamed black pills are distributed to the people by governments at camps around the world. Highly controlled and coveted, these pills provide the only possibility of sleep; while an overdose of the pills opens up an unexpected path to salvation. 
Touching on themes of hope, despair, love and liberation, Zero Sleep features a live string trio, live vocals and electronic instrumentation.
The album cover for Zero Sleep uses black capsules arranged to form a surrounded cross. The pills symbolize a path to sanity and salvation, huddled around their symbol of hope.

Another one bites the dust.

The IIVII tour has unfortunately been corona’d / cancelled / postponed until October. We are already working on new shows.

Everyone stay healthy. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Buy food not toilet paper.

DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER. Directed by Tom Rotenberg.

Trailer for the new film scored by Josh. For a private link please get in touch. josh@resonantiivii.com


March 8 2019. Available on CD via Consouling Sounds and DIGITAL everywhere. Bandcamp / Itunes / Spotify / etc.

Obsidian explores and reworks Josh’s original score for the behind-the-scenes documentary, Mother! The Downward Spiral, which details the making of Darren Aronofsky’s film, Mother!.

Obsidian is a black glass formed from the intense heat of a volcanic eruption. It is timeless, dark and beautiful, and this release shares those qualities. – Echoes and Dust



  • Extant 4:18 - Current clip for WIP score
  • Reverence - 1:57 - Repped by Move Music
  • Getting To You - 2:13 - Repped by Move Music
  • Escaping - 2:28 - Repped by Move Music
  • Night Vision 3:26 - Repped by Move Music
  • Woven Sky - 3:26 - Repped by Move Music
  • Trouble 2:21 - Repped by Move Music
  • Getting Shot 1:31 - Repped by Move Music
  • IIVII - Shaping Itself from Dust - :58 Excerpt -
  • IIVII - Markarian - 1:37 Excerpt -
  • IIVII - You Die - 2:58 -
  • IIVII - Hidden Inside - 1:58 Excerpt -
  • IIVII - Hidden Inside - 1:18 Excerpt -
  • IIVII - Signals From Home / 1:36 Excerpt -
  • Refugees - 1:17 - Mother! The Downward Spiral
  • Concentric - 1:27 - Mother! The Downward Spiral
  • Riots - :55 - Mother! The Downward Spiral
  • The Octagon House - 1:21 - Mother! The Downward Spiral
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  • The Body Compels - Obsidian
  • Octagone - Obsidian
  • MineBlackHeart - Obsidian
  • Destructed Salvation - Obsidian
  • Meridian Passage - Obsidian
  • Hidden Inside - Invasion
  • Painless - Invasion
  • Unclouded By Conscience - Invasion
  • No More Enemies - Invasion
  • We Live - Invasion
  • You Die - Invasion
  • Signals From Home - Colony
  • Colliding Horizons - Colony
  • Transmissions Illumine I - Colony
  • Transmissions Illumine II - Colony
  • Black Galaxy - Colony
  • On the Shores of Markarian 335 - Colony
  • Shaping Itself From Dust - Colony
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Scene Point Blank

“This is music meant for listening in the dark with lush orchestration… …Beautiful, eerie, uncomfortable, and moving – all encompassing.


“These soundscapes come across moody and beautiful, embodying the desolation, isolation and…an unshakable sense of reverence.”

Merchants Of Air

“…One of the most adventurous albums in the so-called ambient scene…IIVII, a name that will have a huge impact on the future of atmospheric music.


“Pushing the boundaries into darkness. Tip-toeing around Invasion is pointless; it will find and dominate you. “

IIVII / Josh S. Graham

Visual artist, multi-instrumentalist, electro-acoustic composer: focusing on enigmatic cinematic atmospheres. Exploring elements of electronica, classical, ambient, drone and vaporwave.

For scoring or live show opportunities, please get in touch.

Contact: josh@resonantiivii.com

Label: Consouling Sounds:  www.consouling.be



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